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Effervescent tablets of chlorine that can be used on all floors, washable surfaces, washing machines, kitchens, baths and toilets, tanks and installations for the food industry, hospital environments and restaurants.It also acts on the dirt removing encrustation. Eliminates unpleasant odors and unhealthy.The tablet Torden Tabs is more concentrated than the majority of pads on the market (80% compared to the average 40/60%).How to use:1 tablet in 7/8 liter of water.


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Disinfectant for environments and surfaces germicidal spray perfumed - P.M.C.The association between two synergistic active ingredients guarantees a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.It acts as a deodorant active environments and may issue an intense lemon fragrance.It allows you to disinfect and deodorize small rooms, doctors' offices, changing rooms, lockers, sites where you create unpleasant odors. It allows to disinfect the interior of cars, buses, ambulances.Disinfects quickly objects (eg. Telephones, toilet boards in public places) to which one feels a certain reluctance to contact. Suitable for the disinfection of footwear.


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Concentrated all-purpose cleaner, highly effective, antibacterial, alcohol-based, with long-lasting fragrance. Dries without leaving streaks and is therefore ideal for shiny surfaces.How to use:for the cleaning of floors (with wet method or cleaning), 1 unit in 8 liters of cold water. For the cleaning of surfaces (with spray), 1 dose in 4 liters of cold water.


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Abrasive cleanser descaling, useful for removing limescale, rust, dirt deposits. Its special formulation at acidic pH, but not aggressive, it is ideal for periodic cleaning of food equipment stainless steel sinks, bathroom cleaning.E 'compatible on many materials, such as faucets, tiles, sanitary ware, stainless steel.Do not use on marble or granite.How to use:apply the cream out of a sponge or of a damp cloth. Rub lightly on the surface to be treated. Rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth. Repeat if necessary.


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Descaling detergent for toilets, containing hydrochloric acid and non-ionic surfactants, which guarantee optimal hygiene, making shining the walls of the toilet.The particular fragrance, as well as action deodorant, covers the unpleasant effects of hydrochloric acid.How to use:sprayed under the rim and on the walls of the toilet. Leave for about 15-30 minutes depending on the type of scale, rinse and repeat if necessary.


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Detergent for cleaning, maintenance and protection of wooden floors.The surfactants used are low-foaming to facilitate rinsing. dries without leaving streaks.It contains substances that repel dirt. Does not damage the parquet protective films. And 'neutral and it can be used for daily cleaning. In addition, it is pleasantly scented.How to use:from 0.5% to 2% in water (50-200ml per 10 liters of water). You do not need rinsing. Cleaning spray 50ml in 500ml of water. Spray on and rinse with a damp cloth.


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Active liquid product formulated with phosphoric acid, very concentrated and powerful.Also suitable for proper periodic descaling of dishwashing machines. The product does not damage because it contains a corrosion inhibitor.How to use:the product must be diluted in the ratio 1: 2 or pure according to the encrustations to be removed. It can also be used for dipping objects and food equipment.Dilute from 3% to 10% for floors.


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Sanitizing tablets Slow dissolving.Cleans and descaling, preventing the formation of deposits. Eliminates all bad smells thanks to the lemon scent. Product easy and quick application.How to use:It dissolves in water flushing. Introduce a block in the pan; Repeat the operation when the block has dissolved. Citrus fragrance.


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Suitable for hard surfaces and dirty fat of both organic and mineral origin. It works as a solubilizing detergent, and can also be used for the cleaning of machines tools, greasy walls etc. A special substance makes it soluble using very hard water. It has an average tolerable basic pH in contact with the skin.How to use:sprayed as such on the surfaces to be treated, then remove with a damp cloth. For delicate surfaces require rinsing.


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